Are you a former participant or member of the scientific or educational community who would like to volunteer with MSSS? The Symposium relies heavily on the time and talent of our dedicated team of volunteers who make up the Planning Committee, our team of judges, and those who come out to help for the weekend. A variety of positions are available, requiring varying degrees of experience and commitment.

The weekend of the fair: Depending on your availability, volunteer shifts are available from the Thursday evening for project set up and registration all the way to Sunday for the awards ceremonies. These volunteers assist with wide variety of logistical tasks that ensure the fair runs smoothly. Contact us and we can arrange a shift or shifts that fit your schedule.

Friday Activities: A team of young members of the scientific and educational community typically volunteer for Friday Activities. We need individuals to listen to peer presentations and provide feedback that can help students prepare for judging the following day. We also require volunteers to supervise various other aspects of the event and ensure that our participants receive the information and support they need as they prepare for judging. A full day commitment is preferred, but interested volunteers only available for a half day may also be needed.

Judging: For information on how to become a judge, please see Judge Registration.

The MSSS Committee: The planning committee meets monthly to discuss the Symposium. Each member takes on the responsibility of coordinating a particular aspect of MSSS, which often involves additional subcommittee meetings and individual planning, depending on the requirements of that particular position. An assortment of positions are available with various levels of commitment based on your interests, talents, and availability.

Contact us to discuss volunteering with MSSS!

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