University of Manitoba

Astronomy Kits and Classroom Activities

We are offering two downloadable science kits, one for
astronomy and another full of activities for everyone to try.
People can also join a virtual science chase.

In honor of International Astronomy Day and Science Rendezvous, the Faculty of Science is offering free downloadable astronomy kits that can be used to easily find your way around the night sky, locate constellations, see meteor showers and plan to catch eclipses. Kits come with a printable planisphere and many useful tips and tricks to find the best sights in the sky.
Discovery Days have also gone virtual, with classes and families able to take part in a nationwide Science Chase! Test you science skills by completing tasks and solving questions from universities across the country. Visit to join and compete with other teams across Canada.
If you’re looking for some fun activities to try with your class, or to tackle on your own, visit for downloadable activities from all branches of science. Write your name in binary code, help save birds, and even see how much water leaves release during a day. Kits are entirely free!

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