English sites:

  • Enchanted Learning – Pluto
    Great kid friendly site with a basic explanation of Pluto . Has a cloze activity and an interactive puzzle about Pluto.
  • Enchanted Learning – Human Body
    This site will help you teach about the human body to help students understand biology.
  • Nine Planets
    Great user-friendly site for students in Grades 4 to 8. Has glossary of more difficult terms and has lots of links to other sites.
  • Solar Views
    Lots of information that can be read with the students in the computer lab or taken and made into a grade level text. Has links to a word bank. Also has some great images. Some advertising on the site.
  • NASA – Solar System Level 1 (Pluto)
  • NASA – Solar System Level 2 (Pluto)
    Both these sites are from NASA and are aimed at students. Level 1 information is aimed more at Grade 2 to 4 and level 2 sites are more for Grades 5 to 8.
  • NASA – New Horizons Spaceship (Pluto)
    NASA site with links and pictures.
  • Brainpop
    Site with lots of short animated videos featuring Tim and Moby- the robot. It has some free videos but it is a user pay site.

French sites:

    (French version of nine planets)
    Recommandé assez facile pour les élèves de la 5e à la 8e année
  • Wikipedia – Pluto
    Wikipedia has lots of detailed information on Pluto.
  • Quebec Science – Pluto
    More adult site about anything related to science. Great background information for teachers and it also has amazing images attached to it.
  • Solar System – Pluto
    Great up to date information. Higher reading level.
  • French Brainpop
    Amazing site with great videos and quizzes tht engage students. There are some free movies but it is a «user pay » site.

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