MSSS 2014 Canada-Wide Science Fair Results

Sponsored by: Canadian Cancer Society – Manitoba Division
Michael Xu, St John’s Ravenscourt, Quantitative Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells in Prostate Cancer Patients

Sponsored by: Monsanto
Maitry Mistry, Acadia Junior High, Fermentation of Thin  stillage as a growth medium alternative in cellulosic bio fuels production

Sponsored by: Evhan Uzwhsyn
Ryan Wang, St John’s Ravenscourt, Identification and Functional Characterization of Putative Phosphorylation Sites on Scleraxis

Sponsored by: Province of Manitoba
Kristin Smith, Balmoral Hall School, Iron Ladies

Sponsored by: Science Teachers Association of Manitoba (STAM)
Alyssa Woodland, Linden Christian School, Can My Self Formulated Fish Food Provide a Sustainable Eco-System – Aquaponics – A Sustainable Answer

Sponsored by: Richardson Foundation
Benjamin Liu, St John’s Ravenscourt, FAE1 Gene Markers development for identification of high erucic acid content plants in B.Napus L.

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